Technical support

Our service tecnology for our customers

Arneg Brazil and its Service department offers more than services.




For Arneg Brazil Partnership and trust are essential to ensure the best support to its customers.

The Service department offers more than service, maintains a structure that has solutions from installation to after sales, including warranty and post warranty.




The services provided by Arneg Brazil are performed by qualified technicians in refrigeration, for technical assistance, warranty and selling parts. The Service is a unique benefit for Arneg Brazil customers that have cabinets, equipment and solutions for comercial refrigeration. Ensures tranquility in those moments when you need it most. Arneg Brazil customers can count on our 24-hour service, 365 days a year, valid for 12 months from the acquisition of equipment.

  • Installation

The installation team is composed of highly qualified professionals ready to advise our customers.

  • Technical assistance

The technical assistance team operates from ad hoc interventions to scheduled maintenance. To meet the high level of demand from our customers we have a network of authorized partners specializing in technical support services nationwide.

  • Warranty

The guarantee of our equipment is valid for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date they receive the invoice. For more details, see our warranty policy.

  • Spare parts sales

The spare parts of our equipment must be purchased directly from Arneg Brazil. Our team is trained to guide our customers, quickly and efficiently, for all the needs.

  • Training

In order to improve the service for our customers, we create a training program to support the professional development and contribute to the technical training of our network of partners. Check our schedule and make your reservation.



Contact our Arneg Service call center service at (019) 3888 4000. You will need to inform us the name of the store, the location, the cabinet registration number or equipment and the reason for the call. Please provide us your contact information.

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